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New installation, design and build services for backyard decks, floating decks, Composite decks, railings and steps. 

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Deck Repair Services

Reinforcing old decks, tear down and rebuild services, Replacement deck services, removing old wooden materials for composite materials.

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Design and build services for front porches, Farmers porches, wraparound porches, Screened in porches and more.

Deck Builder Mobile Alabama

Thank you for visiting our website! We welcome all who need help with their porches and decks in Mobile, Alabama and the surrounding areas. 

From full construction to repair, we offer exceptional porch and deck services. Homeowners can confidently call in one of our top contractors to help you with your home project. Anyone can call for a free quote and consultation or simply fill out an online form to request an estimate.

We head out to your location and then provide a no-obligation consultation. You can discuss all of your plans and goals with us for your deck or porch, and we can talk about how you can make those a reality with our installation services.

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Deck and Porch Builders Mobile AL

As the only saltwater port in Alabama, Deck & Porch Builders Mobile wants you to enjoy as much of the sea air as possible. If you have any area on your property to set up a porch or place a deck, take advantage.

If you have dreams of a sterling deck to host barbeques and summer parties on, it’s not a faraway dream. You can get to work with any of our contractors right away to take advantage of our installation services.

We will spend your consultation discussing your ideas and sketching out design possibilities. Afterward, we can discuss materials, ensure that the layout of your land suits the design you want. Then we can start on installation as soon as you're ready. We provide a clear cut plan, with time frames in place, so we leave every project clean and ready for use!

Decks sit well around pools and fit nicely into a property that has uneven land. We offer full deck and porch building options with a wide range of materials and design options. Of our many guarantees, we ensure that the material choices available include materials that won't crack, splinter or become susceptible to infestation.

To start your home project today, get a free consultation scheduled now. Deck & Porch Builders Mobile works with only the best contractors in the area delivering a combination of expert craftsmanship, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

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Screened in Porch Builders Mobile

No doubt your needs and tastes will include a few practical applications as well. Screened in porches have been a staple in the south for decades and a good reason. Aside from keeping out insects, screened porches can substantially bring down the heat.

It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors without the flying pests and unforgiving sun. During any design consultation, you can discuss screening options with a Deck & Porch Builders Mobile contractor. We always consider all of your requirements or goals in a porch and believe that screened porches provide a lot of value to homeowners. We do everything we can to make them happen if they're something that you could see fitting into your home.

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Custom Screened in Porches Mobile AL

Custom screened in porches doesn't have to look gaudy, or outdated. In fact, many new screening materials can look nearly as clear as windows while others offer nice shading with darker material. 

Choose from: 

  • Insect screens 
  • Solar Screens
  • Child and Pet-proof screens
  • Privacy screens
  • Weather-resistant materials 

The tightness of mesh, coating, and color can impact a variety of things such as your electric bill. It is important to note that you are not necessarily choosing between an insect or a solar screen. Some options are multifunctional. These aspects are all part of your free in-home consultation.

Only proper porch contractors can help you find the right screen material for your home. Discuss your options with a porch enclosure contractor. A porch addition can offer much more than entertaining area. It can help keep out pests and shield your home from the sun too.

Mobile Alabama Deck Contractor Services

Excellent service to the community of Mobile, AL Deck & Porch Builders Mobile offers the best deck installation in the area. Take advantage of a local business that cares about the community as well as your property.

Our staff focus on providing excellent design and customize every project to the homeowners' needs. If you're envisioning a grand deck around a pool with a barbeque section and room for dining, we can make that happen. Likewise, if you're looking for something small to sunbath and entertain on, we are happy to take these jobs as well. Our passion is for helping homeowners and making their dreams come to life.

With a completely free design consultation, we can discuss all the aspects that come into play with putting in a deck. Deck builders will often issue a blanket quote at first and then only discuss the important details after they take on the job.

We don't work that way. During our obligation-free, in-home consultation we discuss things such as the space restrictions, necessary permits, and materials available. That way you can know exactly what you're getting before you hire anyone. 

 Alabama has beautiful scenery and spending time outdoors doesn't have to be uncomfortable. A deck or porch can substantially change your entire home and how much you enjoy it. Indoor/outdoor living is where it's at!

Why Choose Us

Deck & Porch Builders Mobile is the best in the Mobile County. Servicing areas throughout a 25-mile radius we bring both experiences, and design to every job. Our contractors have a variety of expertise at their disposal, ensuring that we have the best person for any job that comes our way.

On top of our expert and friendly staff, we are proud to take on every job with the utmost respect for the homeowner. There is no battle about what either person thinks is best. We ensure that all of your goals are implemented into the design unless they are not structurally possible. Additionally, we promise to leave every yard in pristine condition.

We know that there are few things as frustrating for a homeowner as coming home to see a damaged yard. You are investing in your home, and we want to honor that by leaving your property ready for you to enjoy your new deck or porch.

Deck & Porch Builders Mobile provides something that few other contractors can lay claim to now. We offer a high degree of craftsmanship. For us, it is not enough to put up your desk or install your porch. Our staff take great pride in their work and want it to withstand many decades of hard use, while also looking visually appealing.

Contact Deck & Porch Builders Mobile for a free quote and consultation today. We visit your home, listen to your ideas, sketch them to life, and work with diligence to your bring to life your vision.

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We needed to replace our old deck with new composite deck. Deck Builders Mobile were so great and very professional. Our deck was done quickly and efficiently. 

I would recommend their crew to anyone needing a solid deck company. 

~ Steven R., Chickasaw

Amazing company to work with. We wanted to get a new deck built for our house and they were great! We called a few builders and none of them except for Deck Builders Mobile returned our calls. They did such great job building our deck. Now we have beautiful deck to hang out on.

~ ​Jack D., Saraland

I always wanted to have a screened in porch, now I have one! Customer service was fantastic, I got a quote within few hours of calling and they started on my screened in porch the following week. My porch is perfect.

~ Sarah J. , Theodore

Benefits of adding a porch or deck to your home

When it comes to adding a porch or a deck to your home, there are a few clear advantages and a few hidden ones as well.

From the start, porches are decks are ideal for entertaining, especially through the summer. The addition can significantly impact the home's resale value, and because it's a sought after feature, the home will usually not sit on the market as long either. They are a generally quick home improvement project and will not disrupt the interior of your household.  Surprisingly, decks can also reduce the energy consumption in your home by keeping the exterior of the home cooler. A deck can provide extra space, and a porch can provide shelter from the sun. Finally, they add a significant visual appeal to your home, making it feel more comfortable while looking more luxurious.

Our Process

Deck & Porch Builders Mobile starts every project with a no-obligation, in-house, and completely free consultation. During the consultation, we'll talk with you about any restraints within your property concerning the size. We'll also begin discussing options regarding materials and screening material if applicable.

After the consultation, we'll sketch up a design that accounts for all of your goals as long as they are safe and structurally possible. Then after you take us on for the job, the real work begins.

For some decks, you will need a permit through the city of Mobile. Our contractors will arrange the application and process it, so you're not wasting time at the city office.

We will order the materials that were finalized and schedule a time that works best for you and your family. One of our goals is to minimize our impact on your household. After finding a time that works for you, we’ll start marking the land.

Marking the land involves stringing the layout and ensuring that the measurements are accurate. Because we value craftsmanship so highly, we take great care in our earliest steps.  After marking, we create footings where we dig into the ground, lay down gravel, rebar and pour concrete with a supporting fixture for the joists. Then we will attach posts and begin building up.

We then will begin placing the beams and install the joists. We will then apply the decking, trim materials and apply any necessary sealant. Attaching cross bracing is our next step to ensure that the deck can hold up through years of use. Porches don’t typically need cross bracing, but it’s available for any project that needs it.

After installing the decking and bracing, railing posts will go up. We ensure that the railing posts are flush to the beam and joists at every post. Finally, we attach spindles to meet code standards.

Our process is the same through each project, but we give each homeowner the individual attention that their project deserves. You can begin enjoying your new deck right away.

Types of Decks

There’s more to decide on than just whether to get a porch or a deck. The type of deck you have will rely on the materials you choose and any additions that fit into your plans.

Available materials often include cedar decks, pressure treated wood, and composite materials. Cedar decks are naturally pest resistant and can hold up through years of frequent entertaining. Pressure-treated wood is typically weather resistant as well ensuring that it doesn’t warp or have significant damage from a bit of rain.

Composite materials decks offer a unique opportunity of minimal maintenance and durability. Many homeowners are choosing these materials as they can look like real wood, but can withstand much more in terms of weather and don’t require semi-annual maintenance.

Decks can also have any variety of railings and steps. Railing serves as a focal point for visual appeal once you get past the materials in use. Steps are another visual appeal, but you should also consider their practical use. Offering a ramp as well as stairs could be a huge benefit to any household with an elderly or disabled family member.

Types of Porches, and Screened in Porches

When it comes to the types of porches available, although Mobile, AL has a trend going of screened porches because of the practicality, aside from screened porches there are options of a front porch, back porch, and a wraparound porch.

Each type of porch is very straightforward and completely customizable. A customized front porch could include a sectional for a garden while a custom back porch can offer room for dining or entertainment areas.

Screened in porches can be located in the front, back or even wrap around the house, but all include a screen that closes it off from the outside air. Screened porches are excellent for protection from unwanted insects as well as the sun.

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Areas We Service

Deck & Porch Builders Mobile happily serves the community of Mobile, AL and the surrounding cities within a 25-mile radius.

For more information or help, call Deck & Porch Builders Mobile immediately. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions when it comes to offering services.

You can find a quick guide of cities we frequently serve here: Chickasaw, Prichard, Tillmans Corner, Theodore, Saraland, and more.

Call us today to discuss the details of your porch addition, or for a deck builder to come out to your home right away! Choose to use only the best porch and deck contractors in the area to put in your home’s new addition.